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Pastor Gwen and Elder Carl McCurry


Pastor Gwen is an anointed vessel whom God is using to bring salvation, healing, deliverance and breakthrough testimonies to many around the world.

Her dynamic ministry has had a tremendous spiritual impact throughout Ohio and the United States.  She is a walking, talking, preaching, “Revival!”  Signs, Miracles and Wonders follow as God uses her in a miraculous way.

One of Pastor McCurry’s outstanding characteristics is her tremendous love for people. The ministry of Deliverance first began outside of the church, in the neighborhood and community. In 1977, she began ministering in her home with her family (nine children). This prayer and Bible Study eventually extended to the neighbors and others in the community, City and beyond.   Her husband (of 55 years), Elder Carl McCurry accompanies Pastor McCurry to speaking engagements, is a "Word man" and a vital part of her present ministry.

She specializes in Ministry of Deliverance and spiritual authority also consecration, prayer, ministry to the needs of women, and provides counseling for troubled marriages.

Pastors speaking engagements outside of the church